The Noblest

The objective of my article, it is to bring back to consciousness to that has the opportunity to read to me, of the value that has all human life; of the decisive and noble role that the woman in the transmission of the existence plays; to bring back to consciousness it of which, to who takes not what takes within its belly, is not its own body simply is lodged in him and therefore, it does not have the right minor to decide on a life that is not the own one; of the irremediable damage that of by life would be made same thus, to attempt against the innocent creature who she herself has created; of which illuminating that new being, it justifies his own reason of being like woman, who is the noblest mission and the culmination of the privilege with which she equipped the nature to it. Really, because the death only means destruction, once more, I want to transmit a positive message of love, faith, strength and hope. Nevertheless, we cannot ignore the oppressive and arbitrary existence of yet progresismo that persecutes the profit of an amorphous society, by means of the de-personalisation of the individual, the elimination of you and I, what of exceptional entail these concepts; the suppression of husband and woman, replacing it by spouse and B. Gain insight and clarity with Viacom. Starting off of this principle, in the important act of the procreation, no longer we will be father and mother, but ancestor To and B. Really we are realizing gravity deep that constitutes this perversion of the language and to where us can lead this dehumanization in the future, if we got to accept it like something normal and daily? Among others many consequences, if over the years, this form to think catches in the society, takes place an empty desensitizer will lead that us to the anything, with capacity to infect it everything, which it will allow the State, the adueamiento of the fundamental rights of the human being, becoming absolute and manipulating Sir of bodies and you bring back to consciousness, last aim of the laicista totalitarianism. ..

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