New Checklist: Social Media For SMEs

How you can find out whether social media is worth for your company. Social media is all the rage. Advocates see the new miracle weapon in social media to outflank competitors. Critics point to the increasing reports of gigantic social media flops. For small and medium-sized enterprises a mad situation, when he is to decide whether his company uses social media. With the new WMC checklist managers in SMEs can restrict the benefits of social media for your company better.

The use of social media is a strategic decision of great importance. A social media engagement at all can work, a high human and financial cost must be connected, leading in the long term in the operation of an independent social media department or hiring a social media agency. There are currently no evidence or investigations about, that this effort really pays off. Objective basis for decision-making are more than poor. WMC has therefore the Checklist drawn up by social media, also for laymen decision to make, whether is worth the effort for the use of social media. The checklist contains 20 statements to the most important success factors in the use of social media in enterprises.

Each statement can be answered for the company with “Right” or “wrong” or “no idea”. With each answer “not true” increases the risk of the flop. Over 50% of the statements with “wrong” or “I don’t know” answer, then the usage should be reviewed thoroughly by social media. Measures of social media marketing (SMM), group of potential new customers on the Internet will be addressed, which can not be reached through the traditional channels. To do this, digital media and technologies used, which allow users to interact with each other and create media content. In contrast to the classical marketing offered completed information to the consumer as a monologue by the target groups, which tried social media Marketing, to involve the consumers through social interaction in a dialog.

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