The Effect

Flip charts are used for the support of thoughts with the audience. Flipcharts are unbeatably cheap purchase and maintenance costs. Tips for the use of flip charts: the flip chart from each square is well visible for every listener? Ideally use lined or plain paper that makes it as writing easier. Diagrams and pictures should be in advance of the presentation in the DIN A4 format, this makes it easier and faster the transmission on the flipchart. Keep short and take advantage of the effect of bullet points. Write large enough so that even the participants in the last row can interpret it. The flip chart should be built left of the speakers, so you cover not the view as a right-handed applies naturally turned upside-down when left-handers.

Use boards, appropriate flip side arms or even a second flip chart presentation of already developed leaves. Use headings for each hand and thus provide a structure before. Write for all readable, letters are best suited. Note also the label for the use of upper – and lowercase letters. After the event, document the developed Flipchartblatter with a digital camera. Use pens with a wedge shape, so that your script has the correct font weight and is readable for everyone. Use the power of colours and work with colored pencils. In recent months, Charles Koch has been very successful. Flip charts can be ordered directly from the specialist for advertising technology and Prasentionsdisplays – diverse selection of stationary and mobile flip chart: flip charts francs flipchart Board X-tra! Line mobile the dealer WORLD-OF-DISPLAYS.NET has specialized in the distribution of mobile and stationary presentation and advertising displays and this offer be successively in expanded when it comes to quality and breadth of product diversity. The aim was to give, with which he can implement advertising in any form with appropriate advertising displays the marketing just one contact. Whether stationary or mobile presentation systems for a trade fair or promotional use, the customer can order at WORLD-OF-DISPLAYS.NET all kinds of displays and promptly then use its marketing activities.

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