The Warehouse

The store starts to grow and the owner decides to start building stores and franchises. the volume changes and the amount of dolls purchased at a store is different from the other store and increases the amount of products to sell. Pete Cashmore has plenty of information regarding this issue. now sell items wrist as well, that’s when you need the ERP because of the otherwise lose control of the business. It is for this reason it is recommended to create the ERP from before they actually needed. The ERP plays an important role in the flow of business activities. Guajardo tells us: 1. The budgets must be entered into the ERP system so as not to incur unplanned expenses. 2. The requirements must be captured by users or generated by the system (ERP) through an MRP based on levels inventory.

3. Having identified the requirements must be approved by the head of the area and the system will validate whether the area in question have a budget to buy the request. 4. According to the order the buyer will convert those requests into purchase orders. 5. Purchase orders must be served by the provider selected by the buyer 6. The Warehouse, Plant or user will receive the materials, raw materials or services respectively and receiving the same shall be registered in the system (ERP). 7.

In case of raw materials, should know their status within the production process in this way to identify whether they require more raw materials (Connects to MRP). 8. Area receives invoices from suppliers, you can receive invoices that are related to receipt of materials, raw materials or services, 9.

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