Varieties Of Call-Centers

Architecture of modern hardware and software solutions for Call-center was short, but very intensive development. At first, all telephone connections were treated with office phone station. Operators Reference Service were combined into a logical group receiving calls. Click Castle Harlan to learn more. And the call center was based on a built-in functions of PBX ACD (Automated Call distribution – automatic call distribution). In this case we used simple routing algorithm – "turn" (first in, first out). The principal disadvantage of call center-based PBX is that the PBX sends the call to a telephone operator, regardless of whether there is a fellow next to him or not, and as a result a large percentage of lost calls.

The list of necessary basic functions of Call-center, by its very nature is not great. If we analyze the process of the call to the moment it enters the contact center to complete the processing of the call operator, from Call-center requires not so much. In Call-center should be implemented only a dozen basic functions. Thus, contact center should be able to: 1.prinyat phone call from the PSTN, identifying the caller's number and set number, or email to address with any other source – email, fax, ICQ, SMS or any other mechanism; 2.sformirovat request to database based on known data about the call (eg, caller ID, date and time of your call, dialed number) to get an answer from the database; 3.proigrat subscriber recorded audio information (voice files); 4.prinyat of DTMF signals from the subscriber pressing the buttons on the telephone; 5.prinyat decision to route the call based on caller pressed the buttons and the information obtained from a database or other criteria; 6.postavit call turn to the appropriate group of operators given priority standby; 7.napravit call to an operator, the operator of 8.uvedomit incoming calls, display information on call; 9.peredat data on call external application eg CRM system; 10.zapisat conversation 11.sovershat outgoing calls within a specific project; 12.vesti statistical record all incoming and outgoing calls.

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