Who Is The Man Beside Me?

How far does our knowledge of human nature? It gives us also an insight into the spiritual life of the people with which we have to do? It is not enough us people usually, when our knowledge about the things around us in their outer shell ends. Finally we are rational beings, what with the result that we are interested in the background also. And also, is designed like the inside of things. And not unjustly. It keeps us from becoming disadvantaged.

When we buy food, so we want to know about the ingredients. When a computer on the CPU, the memory, the graphics card. Educate yourself with thoughts from Ali Partovi. When a new car technology, accessories. And so on. Otherwise it behaves, if we have to do it with other people.

Whether it is single looking for a partner, or as an entrepreneur requires a new employee. There we want to know about the inner workings of the people, to which we want to build a closer relationship, or a cooperative relationship. Reluctant us someone to accept, and it fills us with distrust, when does one close itself off and barricaded inside. Some people refer to as judge of character and trust themselves, to be able to read the character and the resulting behavior of a personality of his appearance and his conduct. And you can not deny also really this ability some of these self-appointed judge of character. Usually it involves members of the professions: crime police, customs, financial controller, etc. So working areas, where the practical psychology experience becomes second nature. But after this ability is not each their own, cannot be ruled out are also misjudgments, required methods with which those get to detect a human aims, which are not among the Group of Menschenkennern. Astrology is probably the oldest known attempt to associate fellow of a group. A still preserved evidence of this theory comes from the fourth century before the birth of Jesus Christ, (NAOs the) Decades) which shows us the age of this doctrine.

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