Pajamanation is an international community portal of pajamaworkers freelance in Spanish and English, which allows you to publish microtrabajos that require to be carried out, and at the same time allows the postulation of candidates pajamaworkers before who publishes, with the purpose of obtaining the microtrabajo. Pajamanation is a pool of microtrabajos and pajamaworkers available in more than 58 countries. Specifically, it is one practice of Web 2.0, i.e., the social web, based on collective intelligence and the role of the public, which not only looks, but it puts the contents. Classic examples are the encyclopedia Wikipedia or YouTube video site. Crowdsourcing indicates participation and also shows kinship with another word already familiar: outsourcing, commissioned to work out of it, but a company looking for a lower cost.

As exposes it. Monster / crowdsourcing goes hand in hand with the technology, therefore the future that has is pure growth. In terms of culture or corporate wisdom, this tends to be very conservative and little risky so it will be of the latest areas to use this type of collaborations. Yes it would be very convenient to use crowdsourcing to solve specific corporate problems such as the kingdoms of Taifas existing especially in large corporations crowdsourcing attempts to replace selective contracts and specific training of workforces through mass participation of volunteers and the application of principles of self-organization. The crowdsourcing represents the Act of a company take a feature that ever could be carried out by employees and outsourcearla to a (usually large and undefined) network of people in the form of a call or open for a reward challenge. As long as corporations are innovative and understand the power of crowdsourcing, technological tools, Internet, social networks, etc., will generate and rise to the crowdsourcing as an invaluable business tool.

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