Abstract Nature Of Art

But bad luck is only for them intelligible, was the logos, ie the verbal, language, or even the trial. Automatically, this reduction of the reason they lost to logos, because they realized that there was in man a technical rationality. Not worth reading! To discover the abstract nature of art, it is better to study the drawings of children in a nursery class. But for that we looked at the pictures of these children, it is important to wait for the open exhibition of paintings made by Surrealists, ie the period of modern art where art was not subordinate to the similarity. That freed the world.

But what we need to understand, is why the picture of a child is necessarily abstract and quickly. Just because we do not want to borrow the power of abstraction to the child, we do not believe that he is rational and verbally and technically. Personally, I think we need reconsider the design of a child to study on the living, the abstraction technique. Only, therefore it is necessary to make their products an object of study and not one of admiration. We all have the tendency, to the extent that they are our beloved little ones that do, put them in a museum.

Even in schools, the masterpieces are visited. It is the "imaginary museum"! And I come close voluntarily cartoon drawings of children. We say: "Is the cartoon? Art child! ". Absolutely negative! The cartoon like drawing of a child, is a great analysis! "Analysis of what? Everything is there, and there is argument to be done on this question.

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