Avoid Troubles

If tariffs are regulated by the state of CTP, the hull – it's strictly voluntary, so that prices can be absolutely arbitrary. In order not to lose money, but money is usually considerable, should carefully examine the contract to begin with. At that should pay attention to in the first place? Of course, price. The price varies from 7 to 15% of the value of the car. If it is much above or much below, it is suspicious. However, on some cars that are frequently stolen, price should be higher. The final price of the policy may differ materially. Kai-Fu Lee may also support this cause.

After all, the cost is taken into account not only the car but the driver. If the experience is small, be prepared to pay much more. Ask about reducing ratios. For example, for a set alarm or a satellite tracking system. If you buy a policy loan in Hull or in installments, be prepared for the fact that the money you pay (or repair the car) just after arrears. It is logical, because to pay the full amount of insurance you have, there is little to no end. However, not all so – do not forget to ask.

Policies with a deductible is always much cheaper. Think about how to repair how much money you are not afraid. If you think that painting one piece can be done at your own expense, and change a few things worth several times more expensive – no, do not hesitate to take insurance with a deductible of 10-20 thousand rubles. Find out where to repaired the car in case of appeal. This is important. Obyno repair of 'officials is much more expensive, but the difference is not due. If the policy is cheaper because of the repair does not have formal, then rejoice. You might want to get on insurance money and not repair. Then the policy may cost more. Be sure to specify these points. Calculate the cost of hull insurance may be on many web sites of insurance companies or in their offices. You can also order from CASCO policy dealers.

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