Berlin Film Premiere

The children fairy baby sitters provide at the premiere of the movie “Parents” child care the new comedy directed by Robert Thalheim is ‘modern’ family and how these masters the partially unbridgeable divide between work and childcare or just not even masters of the. In the film, Papa Konrad guards the daughter at home and throws the entire budget. MOM Christine ensures your career as a hospital doctor ahead, that money comes and brings home. Family life runs harmoniously until Konrad receives a job offer that he can’t refuse. It is a rift and Konrad decides for a week in the theater to move for which he now works as a Director.

Shows how to disengage the response can be found at the end of the film. As special Higlight and world premiere, Babysitting children fairy at the premiere of the film on the children of the parents present to visit look following the theme of the film. The draw of the tickets and the babysitter vouchers via different channels. All Berlin parents can if you are interested to participate in the sweepstakes or and log on if you are interested for a babysitter of Berlin at the children fairies. The official trailer of the film there “Parents” here: A quick glimpse of the film and the events around the babysitter from children fairy there Bild.

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