I love me, because I love you, whom I love narcissism imposes dependency of the subject to other peers, so they can confirm the identity as a valuable human being and able to be loved. The need for human beings to be linked to others, is what motivates, which consciously or unconsciously in reality or in fantasy, the man holds in his mind a link with at least some other similar model. In our society, be accepted by others, is a primary requirement. Meet the need for primary narcissistic (being loved by another) means ultimately, than the other who loves me this slope of my wishes to meet them. He is happy if it succeeds and suffers if you don’t. This love extreme is the absurd claim of structure narcissistic, but in normality should be amended to allow social coexistence, i.e.

must cede something own narcissism to coexist with others. The problem occurs in the narcissistic by the difficulty to leave something of their own needs reviving as I wish that claim impossible to be at the Centre of the universe and looking for therefore, satisfaction in any substitute object (addictions). Life is faced with the uncertainty and radical, insecurity, narcissistic personality reacts by seeking remedies that rescue it and alleviate this situation. There are however beneficial remedies. Who does not know the power of love, solidarity, friendship, art, humor, creativity against the evils of life!. Modern globalized culture discourages the remedies of this type (love, solidarity, creativity), and distrusts psychoanalysis for being committed to these values; It considered obsolete and low productivity. On the other hand promotes attitudes with narcissistic which entail the loss of values, which degrade life, undermine dialogue, understanding, friendship, solidarity; they stimulate the ruthless competition among people, create winners and losers, eligible individuals in best and worst; They nest success, market and media of communication, they encourage the unbridled pursuit of power and figuration without repair costs or in the media.

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