Commercial Airships

In the aspect of our interests is the most promising appear the following ideas and suggestions on the use of airships in commercial purposes. More information is housed here: Andrew Schroepfer. In discussing the problems airship and the use of airships for the practical needs of the main proposals were based, in addition to efficiency, and more on the qualities of the airship as the ability to hover in place and heave to. Modern navigation and dynamic positioning system can ensure that the airship will be able to indefinitely hang in one place, even without docking. This property makes it indispensable for Airship transport and assembly operations. Unlike aircraft, particularly heavy at the point of delivery airship does not need an airfield. A route length can reach several thousand kilometers. Therefore, as vehicle airship is most promising for the delivery of goods to remote areas that have minimal or do not have quite no transport infrastructure.

Such as Russian or Canadian Arctic, Siberia, the Far East or the desert area. Found that the more constructive solutions not only allow the airship hover above the ground, but on their own without the help of service groups, sit on it surface. Among the industries for which transport airships may be especially great interest, said the following (Table). Industry Type Oil and Gas Transport sector – Delivery of drilling equipment to place of work and its installation (Airship-tap). – Participation in the construction of oil rigs offshore. – Delivery of pipes and compressor equipment for the construction of pipelines. Energy – Transportation and installation of transmission towers.

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