Commitment A Winner Attitude

Attitudes in us are so important that devemos worrying about optenerlas, if we do not have them find them. work them if we have not worked them, and care for them if we already have them. According to the dictionary of synonyms and antonyms attitude means: conduct, posture, so that we can expand the idea that is attitude. attitude is then a conduct bone one way driving is a way of being a stance that other serious terms square is put in position aser that our identity is something attitudes are great part of our life. only with correct attitudes we are going to be winners and arrive at success.

An attitude of compromise compromise is responsibility and obligation to be committed means forcing you same ati aser something. the first must know that we want to be committed because you commit someone or something means time. therefore devemos analyte that things positive stop us such commitment. to be successful and victorious each commitment we must bring something positive. i.e. we don’t want to waste time with commitments that are just foam. We want commitments where we have the privilege to contribute any idea to some Don.

or commitments to help someone feel better listening aconsejandolo or encouragement. those are noble commitments that when we know use the calendar and time also we can carry them out but my point is the commitment to a cause some logical are committed to our work that’s done devemos see it from that point of view commitment something that we asemos obligandonos ourselves and Asher comes our posture pattern may get to say is a good worker. your posture be committed and same ati to be a good worker force you you to led to see you well is your work but something that take you to overcome and success is focus on a cause there are causes that are temporary there are causes that we want for our life and eternal causes some forms of temporary causes man dedicated to a job temporarily while you can lay the groundwork for his next goal every man must be something having an identity a cause the constructor, the Baker, the gardener, the ojalatero, mechanic etc focus on a cause that you identity posture. and for all social classes every man there are occupations deve commit itself with a cause or occupation to end to become successful and winning. Then this the cause for life is the one where the mechanic says this cause I want my auto parts is where man looks in your vejes where the man puts his mind to life but to achieve it ve commit themselves. Jorge Armando Rosales am pastor and lecturer currently recido in Galax va usa I am my paguina this dedicated resources that will help you on the road to the success that is the success? Success is a high position as a person to achieved in an area specified. success not only is having money. success is to succeed in an area. whatever.

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