Computer Science Wholesalers

The first products in appearing after their specialization in the assembly were the integration components and peripheral, soon later they were portable to that the red was united, original as as much compatible one and to day of today, modding, tpvs, televisions, digital cameras, printing, loudspeakers, gps are several of the products that Blanyai has had to incorporate. If we concentrated in its central pillar, THEIR COMPUTERS, are there where these computer science wholesalers have been able to find the formula that solves the problem of the quadrature of the circle. Plates and graphic cards of the Asus house, Power supplies of high benefits, Boxes CPU Coolermaster, Keyboards and Logitech Mice, Optician Samsung and LG, Hard disks Seagate and Procesadores Intel and AMD and that less than a manufacturer of prestige to accompany a so important list, and for that reason from the beginning knew it to Blanyai clearly, all computers are assembled with KINGSTON memories. What to write of this prestigious manufacturer who has not commented already. A mark of reputation inside and outside our borders, that come guaranteed not only by the competitiveness in the prices from made product, but also by his under percentage of incidences and its high benefits.

Kingston is synonymous of quality in its modules of memory, memory of integration for Pcs and Portable, memory of integration DDR2, DDR3 like the most standardized, but also modules of Kingston memory hyperx, memory made especially for gamers, servants and like descatalogados nonmodules of memory, that frankly come or for that need to extend their computers or simply to repair them. Blanyai, incorporates to its tariffs, the solid discs of new generation, hard disks Kingston, that little by little are abriendo breach in our sector, but also memory compact flash, MicroSD, as well as pendrive, all this Kingston, as it could not less be. It consults the prices of this wholesaler in computer science for great amounts, especially in modules of memory of integration of high rotation and in memory pendrive. For more information: BLANYAI Computer science Services, S.L.Calle Trtola, 10, Under A28019 MadridTel.: 914280919E-mail:: About BlanyaiBLANYAI she is an innovator and efficient company fruit of years of experience and dedication, reflected in his human equipment and the quality as much of his products as of the customized service lent his clients. Company dedicated to the manufacture in accordance with desktop computers, portable and servants, as well as to the distribution of consumable original as as much compatible, commercializing products of last generation. In Blanyai they combine services and distribution to offer serious a referring one in the national computer science market, saving time and money to its clients offering them the possibility of centralizing its computer science purchases. Blanyai, is a computer science wholesaler of portable and, synonymous of versatility, experience and quality, a company that thanks to its clients has become a wholesaler of computers and distributor of computer science and consumable components of reference in the market with a permanent stock of all products.

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