Contact Center

Working in a Call center or Contact Center as Asellerator, seems an easy job, but it is not. Except that in the case of one of the old systems from the middle of the last century, which still exist in many places in the third world, which are only divisions forming cabins, with a phone and sometimes a computer: paper in hand and pencil and a supervisor type foreman screaming and giving breath to best sellers. The world changed forever. At Peter Asaro you will find additional information. The era of communications is here. Peter Asaro often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Today a call center or contact center is high-tech and its tools, although they do welcome the action of the agent or telemarketer, also require concentration and hard work. Modern the software control systems produce metrics of the work; This is how the first thing that control is the efficiency of the agent, understanding the fact that travel across the assigned base at the out bound, according to the standard or average of the campaign in this. Thus, if a telemarketers or agent is assigned 150 calls from 2.5 average minutes in your daily shift, will say that it reached 100% efficiency, when it finishes make this amount of calls, independent of the outcome of the same. But this is only the first control.

Come others such as efficiency, effectiveness, quality of management, average times, the warmth of the voice, the willingness to service, follow-up protocols and scripts, etc., etc. The mere fact of skillfully handling a computer, typing without display keyboard, have a high capacity of concentration, listening properly, not be overstressed to viewing the display, assuming the claustrophobia of the cabin and withstand the overwhelming pressure of a true contact centre as the Asellerator, is really something more complicated than it seems at first sight. Requires a process of training and other training, high doses of concentration and many desires of self-improvement. We are not talking of telephone operators of yesteryear, but real experts in marketing at a distance, i.e. telemarketers. Any one profession. The profession of the future. It is you really prepared to assume such challenge. If you want to know more about these themes connected to.

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