An estimated 80% or more our modern pharmaceutical “miracle products”, antibiotics isolated and concentrated synthetic versions of the highly complex are included, Components that are included in the fulvic acid. Studies show that fulvic acid naturally supports a wide range of powerful antibiotics and anti-virals in same way or even better than those preparations which are today manufactured by the pharmaceutical industry. The natural fulvic acid medications are not available in the concentration of the individual components of the pharmaceutical preparation, but contain tiny amounts of billion components which have to be discovered yet or may never be discovered. Little-known studies of the U.S. Government show that substances of fulvic acid with the effect of today’s antibiotics, which are manufactured by pharmaceutical companies can compete and even surpass. But unlike the pharmaceutical antibiotics, mother has nature designed things that pathogens are never resistant to their natural “milk”.

Most recently, as the EU has banned from animal feed antibiotics, it was found that this substance has a better. Everything what you will hear from us and read, you will notice it, is just the tip of the iceberg! Researchers have found that the nature required over three tons of living plants, “establishing a quarter liter of”milk”in the corresponding concentration”. Clinical studies show that there are no negative side effects when used in the recommended dosage of fulvic acid in principle (one ounce = 28 grams per day). Neither problems nor side effects ever in the research literature or of our customers reported. Extensive laboratory research, pharmaceutical and clinical tests have shown absolute safety in inner and external use. Absorption and the rare functionality of fulvic acid fulvic acids are the bridge of nature between dead mineral elements and living organic matter. Real fulvic acid is extremely absorbent (at 100%). Fulvic acids contain not only rare mineral elements in an organic form, fulvic acids are enzymes and and have a life-like functional quality.

Being organic means that the minerals are not dead mineral elements. But in fact effective, bio-active life-like enzymes, from very complex combinations of more effective phytonutrients. Research shows that these complex substances have quite an amazing health properties of fountain of youth. The medical use is timelier than ever and goes hundreds or thousands years back in the remote regions of the Himalayas, China, and Russia. There, where the people have still the longest measured life expectancy. DrScience (Micha Haley)

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