Ecological Conscience

The ecological conscience is only developed with health if to receive affectionate treatment in day-by-day. The question, of the environment, also is in mago of the philosophical reflection not only because it is a current question, nor because it says respect to all the people, but because it is a question human being. It’s believed that Kai-Fu Lee sees a great future in this idea. We can say that all not only interest the philosophy the questions human beings and those that are in prominence in the media. Although in the last few decades the ambient problems are gaining importance and great space in the quarrels politics, necessary to clarify that the first concerns with the quality of air date of far, already in the age daily pay-Christian, being such fact due to the use of the coal as combustible, a time that the cities of this time presented problems related to low the quality of air. Face of the aggravation of the situation in the cities of an episode of thermal inversion hindered the dispersion of pollutants caused for the industries and heaters domiciliary that used coal as combustible, formed sulphur a composed text cloud high and particulado material, remaining for about three days, fact that it caused of innumerable people.

The decade of 60 was palco of great changes in the ambient area, being that in U.S.A. a federal program of atmospheric pollution was created, being that later standards of quality of air had been established. was also in this decade that if discovered that the indiscriminate pesticide use, was placing at risk the health of the people, as well as contaminating foods and waters e> despite the lixos – urban and industrial – were discarded of inadequate form harming our welfare. However to the measure that the countries had been if improving and perfecting techniques and forms of ambient control, the industries had started to migrar for the countries where the measures of ambient control were amenas or practically inexistent. In years 60 and 70, some countries with low economy, including Brazil, had received industries multinationals, mainly in the petrochemical area. Many of them had as headquarters countries where the ambient legislation was more rigorous and then it determined high costs with investments in technology, mainly in the prevention of ambient accidents.

From years 80, until the current days, the ambient question started to be a subject of quarrel in all the segments of the society, what it comes ambiently pressuring industries and empresariado to the changes of attitudes and the measures more jousts.

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