Economic Situation

European leaders held talks to several bands before the severity of the debt crisis. Zapatero chatted with Berlusconi and Sarkozy and they requested to accelerate the measures agreed on July 21 by the Eurogroup. They agreed to an urgent meeting of the G-7. The American President, Barack Obama, spoke separately Friday with his French counterpart, Nicolas Sarkozy, and the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, on the economic situation in the eurozone and violence in Syria, reported the White House. Obama stressed the significant steps taken by the leaders of the euro zone at their meeting held on July 21, in which agreed a second bailout to Greece valued at almost 160,000 million EUR, to try to stop the Greek debt crisis and curb a possible contagion to other countries. The U.S.

President stressed the continued leadership of Sarkozy and Merkel to meet the challenges facing the European economy, the White House said in a statement. The talks took place while the European leaders kept this multiple Friday talks to several bands before the severity of the debt crisis and promoted the urgent convening of a meeting of the G-7. The crisis has made this Friday the risk premium on Italy and its bond yields to overcome Spain, while the major exchanges collapsing again. The situation of Syria on the other hand, President Obama addressed the situation in Syria with European leaders. The three leaders condemned the regime of President Bachar Al-Assad and the continued use of the indiscriminate violence of the Syrian regime against its people. According to the White House, European leaders underlined sentence that made on 3 August the UN Security Council, but agreed to point out that you we need to take additional steps to put pressure on the Asad regime and support the Syrian population. Since mid-March, Syria is the scene of popular revolts against the regime, which have claimed the lives of more 1,500 civilians and 369 soldiers and ctive of the security forces, according to the Syrian Observatory for human rights. Source of the news: Obama is with Sarkozy and Merkel about the economic situation in the eurozone

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