It is all very well to be glamorous, but I do not at all clear that glamour fill your pockets. It’s nice, is elegant, it may be nice, but you are here to sell, to win customers and generate revenue. Everything that does not conform to this pattern is dispensable. Keep in mind that the purpose of your communication is not win creativity awards. The purpose of your communication is to help you sell more. The best idea is not the most beautiful, original or funny, but that gives you higher performance.

If creativity and return match (it happens sometimes), fantastic! But if it is not, close your eyes, squeeze the males and opts for the seller approach. May not give you the Creative of the year award, but your Pocket will thank you. Ah! If you have questions about the elements that comprise a saleswoman communication, I’ll give a three-step formula that is infallible: first step, speaking of the benefit that brings your product; second step, translate it in terms of money, time and effort that saves the user; and third step, invites you to buy it with a sense of urgency. Don’t believe me? You only have to test different approaches, see the results and make your own decisions. The pizza is confused and lost.

Gain new customers and sell more when you’re not paying attention to which they already have cannot be expected. Everything in this life has a meaning. First it underpins correctly what you have at home, and then everywhere. In addition, if you develop a system that works to serve as it deserves to your current customer base, you only have to apply it (with the security that will work) to all new customers that you are incorporating. Moral of the story, to sell more Pizzas, start by not forgetting the BBQ sauce. Salvador original author and source of the article

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