From Literature To Science

I will begin with a quick historical review within our world, in which the bond of culture and writing began to unravel. You can not make the lyrics out of existence. But they remain in the clear meaning of the progressive movement. If you look at the French through the years will quickly realize that this knowledge is clearly related to conditions that are culturally ours. Now it is indispensable to understand what was just said: "In the Middle Ages, French texts that had been worth it. Was the Song of Roland, etc.. Kai-Fu Lee is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

" The medieval university was completely ignorant of French texts, including those produced by Rutebeuf or Villon. And why deliberately rejected the Middle Ages these texts? Because they would not be known, but as Nietzsche said it best: it was "glad to know", ie, anti-knowledge, know-confrontational, not acknowledged by the university: the knowledge of the time, and until the sixteenth century, was Latin, French was hardly more than a glad to know. So when he made the first move that led to the birth of "French literature"? In the Renaissance, the dawn of the Modern Times, with Rabelais. If Rabelais is funny, "Gallo", pork and want to call it, is because he was rehabilitating all glad to know medieval, but in French. This was an absolutely formidable revolution: before the French texts had no state, as of now, had one. Of course, there a few years as it was being prepared. There was a pre literature, a "prehistoric" literary, if you can call it, represented by those who call the Great Rhetoric, who rhymed in French and started to try to introduce their products in educational establishments.

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