Genfar Support

Based on the strategic guidelines of Genfar, an interdisciplinary team comprised of staff from the commercial area and Genfar and a group of Colombia Mind consulting, technology initiates the SalesLogix CRM system implementation project, in its components of sales and customer service. The main targets by the task force are: first goal: implement the system of support to the different groups that have direct interaction with customers and doctors, such as groups of direct sales, support group transfers of product and medical group management. These groups are designed to meet both human health and animal health market. It is proposed that this system can provide greater value added in the relationship with the customer, through the channel of visit directly to each customer segments and markets that attends Genfar. This implies equip the sales force, management sales and managerial levels of the tools needed to plan, execute, control and permanently improve interactions with customers through the channel of direct visit. In turn, this requires the integration of the new CRM SalesLogix System with the ERP system used inside of Genfar (SAP). Second goal: implementing an information system in the area of service support, customer responsible for addressing different types of interactions with customers of the company, from taking orders through the Call Center, to the management of all cases of suggestions, complaints and technical incidents. Established as one of the main objectives providing service to the client of a system that allows, through the telephone channel (via a Call Center operation), have an integral vision of the situation of each of the company’s clients, in order to provide support for their concerns. Additionally intends to use the facilities and resources of the Call Center to run marketing campaigns, sales and collections.

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