Home Renovations

The abundance of paint on the market from the buyer in the eyes dazzled, and the correct choice becomes a real problem. What do you choose at the start of renovation and finishing? To avoid mistakes, it is necessary to clearly define What qualities must have a particular material. The main purpose is to protect the coatings from the destruction of materials (corrosion, decay) and decorative items. Among the most important requirements for finishing materials, environmental safety concerns. Environmentally friendly paint is associated with a solvent, its quality and quantity. Coating must also resist the dry and wet cleaning, no attract dust and dirt, provide a level of durability. By purpose paint and varnish materials are divided into internal and external works.

There are paints for different purposes, such as bathrooms and kitchens, with high resistance against moisture, to work on a tree, a unique system, create a picture of a living tree, the colors of black and nonferrous metals, paints for concrete, plastic, glass, etc. Paints and coatings contain in their composition binder, pigment, filler, solvent, and a number of special additives to enhance the technological and operational characteristics. Quality paints (longevity, coverage, steam and moisture resistance, fade resistance, etc.) depends on a combination of properly sized components. Lucky Lucky used to cover the mostly wooden surfaces (floors, doors, windows, furniture, etc.). Lucky – film-forming solutions of synthetic or natural resins or polymers in organic solvents or water.

The composition includes a binder varnish, targeted supplements, solvent, pigments. After drying, the formed transparent film, which improves strength, water resistance and weather resistance of the surface. In the manufacture of varnish use styrene – a very bad solvent. Acrylic (water) varnish is designed for interior use, dries in 30-60 minutes, has a strong odor, non-flammable, gives a nice sheen. Vodnodispersnye paint based on acrylic water-borne paints and varnishes do not contain solvents, odorless, have a high adaptability, well-protected surface from atmospheric moisture, resistant to temperature extremes, paroprnitsaemy, environmentally friendly.

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