Informatics Javascritp

Basics of HTML and Web-design are given in the school course of computer science and become a focus of research teachers. In most technical universities and faculties of physics and mathematics courses is 'computer networks' and 'Information technology'. Often, when the scientific papers on these subjects and teachers of teachers face a shortage of available materials. With a large volume of published literature is difficult for all necessary rates found in one place. The materials of scientific conferences addressed topics that are rarely addressed in these courses.

Teachers of informatics can be a compilation of all necessary material for one site. Especially interesting is the material of the object structure of an HTML document with examples of simple scripts. It is known that the browsers support JavScript objects of various types. Top-level objects, or objects of the browser – it's objects that are supported in a browser environment: window, location, history, document, navigator. The objects listed in the table are created automatically when the document is loaded into the browser. Window – the top level object in the object hierarchy of JavScript. Freymosoderzhaschy document also has the object window. Document – contains properties that apply to the current HTML-document, such as the name of each form, the colors used to display the document, etc.

In the language of the majority of JS HTML-tags correspond to the properties of the object document. Location – contains properties that describe the location of the current document, such as a URL. Navigator – contains information about the browser version. The properties of this object is usually read-only. History – contains information on all resources to which user addressed during the current session with the browser. The window object usually corresponds to the main browser window and is the subject of top-level in JavScript, because the documents, in fact, opened the window. In freymosoderzhaschih documents, the window object may not always correspond to the main window. Therefore, to refer to a particular window should use the frames of the object parent. Frames – this is the same window. To refer to them in in JavScript, you can use an array of frames.

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