Latin Proverbs

Potius sero quam nunquam Livy? Collection of national proverbs and sayings bright displays life, manners, customs and other peculiarities of the people who created them. But there is another level as 'winged', ie, passing from mouth to mouth expressions that differ from proverbs and sayings that they are quotes dating back to a specific literary source. It is for these expressions, the name of 'winged words', adopted at the present time, not only as a figurative mark, but as a special term, which allows them against proverbs and sayings. 'Winged words', exist in any language used for writing. But it is the Latin 'winged words', always enjoyed great popularity throughout the world. The name 'Latin' is derived from the name of Latium (Latium), which was of a small region of ancient Italy, situated along the lower reaches of the river Tiber.

Ancient monuments language, spoken latin, residents of this area are about to vi – V centuries. bc. er. The legacy of those centuries, when Latin was playing a primary role in cultural life, is not only a huge amount of Latin words included in the new languages, so-called international words (like 'literature', 'collection', 'republic', 'progress'), and not only the tradition of using Latin korneslova – along with the Greek – to create in all fields of science and technology of new terms, the amount which each year increases progressively, but a large number of Latin words and expressions used in the European languages in their Latin form without translation and components of an international fund 'winged words'.

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