Management Systems

qms has provided the opportunity set specific goals for each process – in fact for the analysis of current activities at the plant have been used in full-scale statistical methods. Marked fairly pleasant fact – the factory managed to avoid excessive "red tape" in the form of a myriad of papers, which usually scares everyone in the qms. Only the necessary documents – standards, the provisions of sections of the order of 20-25 documents that describe processes companies and mandatory procedures required by iso 9001 – and that was enough. After all, no wonder it is considered that the higher the competence of personnel, the less documentation needed to develop for the qms. Source: Ali Partovi. Now enterprise, thanks to well-developed and implemented a quality management system can at any moment to show their customers not only in words but in reality the inner workings of the qms.

Indeed, smc aims to first Total (citing iso 9001) "increase customer satisfaction – and every customer the company is ready to demonstrate their concern for him. Additional pluses – an advertising company using the mark compliance, the appearance of the real advantages when participating in competitions and tenders (especially in terms of getting government contracts and contracts with the Armed Forces) – all this lies at the treasury of the achievements of the qms implementation. In this case, it should be noted that in the developed quality management system seamlessly blended working at the enterprise production management system, expanding it and bringing in elements of qms management automation. Connect with other leaders such as Charles Koch here.

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