Mechatronics is a term created in 1969 by the engineer Tetsuro Mori, the Japanese company Yaskawa collaborator. In the first instance, this term was used to define the integration of mechanics and electronics in a product or system. Later it was recognized as a specialty of engineering that involved more areas as: systems control, computer science, microelectronics, artificial intelligence, and others. On this basis, it can be concluded that Mechatronics is mainly applicable in the automation of industrial processes, because, as it is known, all industrial process involves a variety of computer, pneumatic, mechanical, electronic items, etc; the same people who form a system that allows you to automate the work in an industrial environment. However, the diversity of areas of knowledge that involves this new specialty of engineering, allows you to extend its field of application to various areas of research and production. Analyzing then the origin and application of Mechatronics, you can clearly see that it is not a new science, but the convergence of various branches of knowledge of engineering, in a new specialty multidisciplinary which gives the possibility of creating general purpose systems, which can be applied both in industry and in any other area that benefits and facilitate the work of human beings.

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