Modern Times

I remember Modern Times of Charles social thematic Chaplin with that stirs up thinking on the modern world, an industrial one, each more mechanized time. However it is necessary planning in a similar way that relation between content prepared for the lesson and has filmed so that this if does not become a mere illustration. The cinema with the educative, motivador paper of the lessons is perceived that can in such a way be used in basic education how much in the medium. To take it classroom is not easy task case the objective is not understood, the activity that would have to be pleasant will finish desmotivando the traumatizado pupil leaving it with the history lessons that the intellectual professor shows films that it stops has not felt some. The professor will assume the mediator role, after all the resource does not speak by itself, considering more ambitious reflections so that in such a way the expectador pupil has the possibility of becomes critical. She is didactic has the duty to provoke the enthusiasm, the interpretation, the desire to always discover more, to improve its look on the world, the experiences being thus will have the care of the election opting to contents that not they attack cultural, moral, religious values or that they are left to lead for the etnocentrismo. The cinema is not ingenuous of this form we also do not have to be, the practical one of this language in will give base to them to read all its elements and interprets them of the best possible form. To use this methodology in the educative process implies in sensetizing the pupils developing in same the new forms to reflect on the world that is not only in the didactic books which we are accustomed or accomodated. Much thing already moved, that is fact, but it still lacks the possibility, freedom to not only integrate the cinema in the school as well as music, the theater at last the art in general.

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