Mojzis Customers

Ifsm workshop car dealers get to know new strategy, such as (not yet-) customers are real fans. How do we get new customers and orders, after the scrapping premium expired, gave us a special economy? Many car dealerships are facing this issue, after the cash for clunkers program for months as it were automatically led customers into their showrooms. Often they have no answers here. To meet not only these special market situation, Managing Director, owner learn a strategy, and know Sales Director at car dealerships in a workshop the ifsm Institute for sale management held on February 12, 2010, in the monastery of Besselich, Urbar near Koblenz. In the half-day workshop participants, advertising specialist Mrs of Michaela Mojzis, trained at the Vienna University of Economics and ifsm Managing Director Uwe Reusche present the Tifosi strategy to win new customers and old customers (re -) enable. This strategy according to Mojzis, who for many years was a large Austrian people’s Party Campaign Manager, “aims, that of potential prospects and customers real fans are so customers who remain faithful to their car dealers and in turn bring new customers at the dealership”. Key to this is according to Michaela Mojzis, to offer not only a top product, customers expect today a matter of course the customers”.

Rather, it applies, this too emotional to win more than a maintenace this requires”. It ultimately matter to win customers as fans, which infected others with their enthusiasm, resulting in a fan base that finally provides for more business. So, also, President Obama won his election campaign. According to the car showrooms next to the brand would have to develop a personal profile, can prevent a relationship from person to person”. In the workshop Michaela Mojzis and Uwe Reusche a way imagine how car dealers can develop a concrete strategy in seven steps to achieve this goal. For more information contact interested the ifsm Institute for Sale management, Urbar (Tel: 0261 / 962 3641;) E-Mail:). You can download also this from the ifsm website ( download. Participation in the workshop of the Tifosi strategy”is free of charge.

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