Negative Habits Quickly

Silvina had a serious problem of self-control and temper. Costing much handled in discussions with her husband, which insulted, with their children, which challenged hard, longer than necessary, with its employees, which also degraded. However, it was not fault of Silvina Act thus, because theirs was happening when she walked into a State of violent emotion. In his words, was not owner of itself. Everyone, if we put hand on heart, know that we have (to a greater or lesser extent) negative habits (vices) that we would like to banish forever from our life. Some can cause damage to physical level (such as smoking, alcohol, drugs, excess weight, etc), others at the emotional level (the bad temper, violence, constant frustration, etc) and others at the spiritual level (lack of constancy, of will, sloth, gluttony, etc.). Any field where these vices arise and manifest, and its intensity or degree of existence in your life, it is possible to change them for the better, to convert them into something good (in fact, to find virtue, to overcome us, to be as we really want, owners of us and responsible for our free actions).

I could give the method to do so directly, but is like those times that I say that knowing the winning number in the lottery of the weekend was not enough to take the prize: must have money to pay it, deciding to buy the number, getting up from the Chair and come into action (go get it). In the same way, to change a habit, it is necessary to recognize what they want to change, give us aware that we are capable of doing so (i.e. have the conviction, sincere belief and firm that we can), decide to do so (by analyzing what steps to follow) and then take action (apply the steps, the Plan of change).

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