New Generation

Crysis – the new generation of 3D shooters. November 2007, published a long-awaited game – crysis. Since then, the history of shooters, but perhaps the entire game world will be divided into 'before crysis "' after CRYSIS". crysis – this game is a new generation, made at the revolutionary engine cryengine 2 game meets all modern requirements and more. , Electronic Arts and Crytek studio once again met our expectations. Plot crysis on some tropical island from space drops a huge meteor. In shortest period of time the military of North Korea landed at the island and beleaguer its perimeter. Your character, Jack Dunn – one of the best in the U.S.

Army, sent to the island to investigate the situation. Next on the island occur strange and inexplicable events. Ostensibly a huge meteorite is very real alien ship, which subsequently freezes the entire island and as a consequence of land troops in North Korea. Our hero remains alive, because he is dressed in the most advanced armor on the ground – Nanosuit. Freezing the entire island, the aliens come out of the ship in their monstrous machines. Their one goal – to freeze the entire planet earth and destroy humanity. Gameplay Crysis Crysis – this is not just another shooter, srysis – is a world that lives by its laws. Game developers have created a truly unique ai. Enemy soldiers and monsters trained with great speed and this process is the time, even experienced gamers will have to sweat to defeat the enemy.

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