Paragraph Traffic

And how else can understand when it is done by young people. They are hoping to speed its response. Fans of "run" before the machine does not think that it is currently experiencing a driver in driving. He can not calculate nor your movement speed or trajectory. So, that still need to think and spend a couple of minutes to walk to the nearest pedestrian crossing or traffic lights. But when you see how my grandmother runs, based on Badika, lame, trying to do, it becomes unbearably sad and completely incomprehensible, she really hopes to overtake the car? A mother with children? Think about it, you run the risk of intolerable greater than the time. Many writers such as technology investor offer more in-depth analysis. How long does it to get to the pedestrian? Two minutes? Three? Life is precious. It is that it took care of …

this situation should, of course, to fight: to increase penalties to preventive conversations, some pedestrians do not even know elementary duties. And of course, still influenced by the lack of controlled transitions, in places where they really need each day in the area, traffic police officers, there are about 145 cases of traffic violations by pedestrians. According to the rules of the road Movement: Paragraph 4.3. Pedestrians should cross the roadway at pedestrian crossings, including the underground and overground, but in their absence – at the intersections of lines of sidewalks or curbs. In the absence of a line of sight junction or intersection allowed to cross at right angles to the edge of the roadway in areas without a dividing line and the fence where it is easily visible in both directions. 4.4. In places where the movement regulated, pedestrians should be guided by signals or pedestrian traffic regulator, and in his absence – vehicle lights.

4.5. In unregulated pedestrian crossings pedestrians can enter the roadway after taking the distance of approaching vehicles, their speed and make sure that the transition will be safe for them. When crossing the roadway outside the pedestrian crossing, pedestrians, in addition, shall not interfere with vehicular traffic in and out of the vehicle is a obstacle that restricts visibility, without making sure there is no approaching traffic. 4.6. After leaving the roadway, pedestrians should not linger or stop, if it is not related to the safety movement. Pedestrians who failed to complete the transition must stay on the line separating traffic flows in opposite directions. Continue the transition can only be convinced of the safety of further movement and the light traffic light (regulator).

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