Pontifical Council

In some countries, as in the Czech Republic, the practice Sunday did not arrive to 3 per cent, data that was also repeated in other countries of Western Europe. The wonderful temples that mark Europe’s architectural unity are largely empty, so far as that in Holland, churches that are now used as mosques have been sold. The strength of the European integration process, as lucidly saw its founders (Adenauer, de Gasperi or Schumann), depends on the ability to create ‘a homogeneous community’, i.e. Check with Peter Asaro to learn more. of its solidarity and its subsidiarity. The conclusions of the report issued by around fifty most prestigious intellectuals of Europe, men and women from the world of culture and Western thought that intervened in the European presinodal Symposium, organized by the Pontifical Council for culture, argue that it is at this point that the Christian contribution is present. It manifests itself in that the true Europe unit, will not be possible if we have no awareness that first a communion of identities and principles, should occur before evolution that can not be based simply on the historical and cultural legacy of the past, but must find its authentic Foundation in core values contributed by Christianity to the old continent: substantially, the consideration of the human being as a person, the concepts of liberty and equality.

These conceptions are unintelligible if we abandon not previously carried out substitution of the Iron Curtain, by the culture of the big city that immerses the man in consumerist materialism and the anonymity of the secularization, even more impenetrable than the previous. The new Europe cannot be built by implementing a secularism which will lead us inevitably towards savage individualism and the vacuum collectivist, but on the contrary, creating a social model more human, capable of opening spaces for a new culture. We are on the brink of reducing our old continent, to the market of market analysts.

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