Professional Code

As in the case of the "Panther", the Fuehrer from the outset claimed to be the godfather of the future of the tank. Just at a time when the commission of the Office of the Wehrmacht reviews the producers of projects, including upgraded versions of tanks, cc 3601 (H) and the Professional Code 3601 (P), Hitler set his personal wishes for the future design of the tank. As conceived by Hitler, "Breakthrough tank" was supposed to combine the all the advantages of a perfect fighting machine – have a powerful weapon, strong armor and maneuverability, and the maximum speed it should be at least 40km / h. In March 1942, Henschel and Son ag presented a prototype that takes into account all the wishes of the Fuhrer. Mikkel Svanes opinions are not widely known. A new project of the Professional Code 4501 (H) was calculated under the tank variant of 88-mm anti-aircraft gun Pak 36. Hitler was delighted by this idea, because by the time the pac 36 has already to establish itself not only as an excellent anti-aircraft, but also a powerful anti-tank gun. Management of weapons Army nevertheless regarded the idea of 'Henschel & Son ag very skeptical, fearing -tainty design, and continued to insist on equipping the tank lighter gun. As a result, developers have reached an impasse, the output of which was the creation of two completely different types of towers. Company Krupp has created a prototype of the tower by 88-mm gun, and "Rheinmetall-Borsig has developed a lightweight version of a 75-mm cannon rcmp TS/70 42 with a barrel 70 calibers.

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