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10. To not look like you're wearing the leotard dance practice or exercise, avoid high boots, because the idea of legging is to see a bit of leg and ankle. 11. For the reason of thin flexible material, underwear is suitable for legging (neutral color or the color of the piece, choose the style of underwear that enhances the silhouette) for those times when the breeze lift her blouse or mini-dress and the sun illuminate transparencies. . .

12. The legging NO ES COMO EL MAHON that lasts for life, pending its wear and tear (mainly in the area of the seams – the elastic fiber) as well as necessary care to wash. 13. In winter it is advisable to use the wool, but the best are those made with cotton and Lycra, as they have the power to adjust better to the body and give off less heat. What shoes to wear leggings? If you like the informal you can not get away from the exercises, walking outdoors and comfortable life, then choose to use the types of shoes ballerina leggings, perfect combination for all these activities, as well as for shopping or making other arrangements for your diary live. Taste tropical look to a lightweight and beach sandals can use it, especially with legging colors and prints. You can wear your casual taste legging with round-toed shoes or platform Gusto stylized stylized Night One effect is achieved by legging wear the high heels with pointed toes Gusto bold vintage top and red shoes with black or white legging Publicadoa in Editions 2009 – December a Gines About Brenda Liz director and creator of World Women mundofemeninopr.

com (over 2 million page views in 2008) for a season-participated in the TV show 'They y. . . '(Puerto Rico) in the segment-World Women Write articles for the section' for us' of Latin Gospel Magazine "Dozens of sites Internet, magazines and newspapers published articles to highlight the image of women and other issues of authorship-led beauty section 'World Women' on national radio program 'We Groovin' on 104. 1 FM Redentor, Puerto Rico and redentor104fm internet. com-Provides Professional Services Public Relations, Communications and Advertising, was conductor of the beauty section of 'World Women' on radio show 'at noon with women who trust' with Shirley Lo Presti at 104. 1 FM Redeemer. "It was the host of TV programs in Puerto Rico, including Mission: Beauty, was a producer and host of the program radial'Mundo Women 'in New Life 97. 7 FM-More than 13 years of experience as a professional model, has recorded dozens of radio and 21 television commercials, has made eight press releases, has participated in 10 TV programs, a novel, three plays and two movies

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