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Explain 4.2 allows a quick create help files and thereby accelerating the Veroffentlichungsprozess of software products Indigo byte systems today the publication of Dr.Explain 4.2 Announces. The new version expands the popular software documentation tool additional features and enhancements. Among other things, Dr.Explain 4.2 provides a revised content editor, better handling of text styles, as well as an improved import of the formats HTML, CHM, RTF and DOC (DOCX) available. The current version supports 9 languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Russian and Dutch. Dr.Explain presents a completely new approach to the documentation of user surface of desktop and Web applications, and the realization of this labor-intensive task is easier than ever. Dr.Explain uses the technology of the smart screen capture and automated analysis (“smart screen capture and automated analysis technology”, ISCAAT) by Indigo byte and is currently the only program of its class, the in is able to document software automatically. When creating a user’s Guide, it is no longer necessary to spend adding several days with the capturing of screenshots and comments.

Start Dr.Explain and use its ability to intelligently analyze the user interface, to create screenshots of controls such as switching surfaces, menus, control box and lists and then? end for each element to generate numbered comment fields – all completely automatically. The task of the user limited to descriptions to the comment fields and close the project? only to compile. The program creates tutorials in HTML, CHM, RTF, or PDF formats. Furthermore, the software has a wide range of salient features. Their user guides soon on the State bring in for example you can program developers, as soon as a new program version of their software appears. Dr.Explain replaced individual screenshots for this purpose, belasst but all metadata such as labels, comments and descriptions unchanged, so that it It is not necessary to redesign the entire project from the ground up. Furthermore the program creates help ID to create context-slope-side help systems of for applications instructions from a single source in different formats, supports and is able to embed online instructions search and index capabilities, as well as to create tables of contents and automatic Kapitelnavigationen.

More information of about Dr.Explain: see a video demonstration in real time contact: live_demo / download a free trial version download: download (32 MB) prices and availability Dr.Explain 4.2 may at Indigo byte software shop (www.drexplain.com/ order /) as well as about involved a worldwide network of authorized Weiterverkaufern. The starting price for the product is 125 euros. Dr.Explain 4.2 runs on Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and 7. The program carries a “Compatible with Windows 7” logo, which means that Dr.Explain course Microsoft tests for compatibility and to leave a working under Microsoft Windows 7 has passed successfully. About Indigo byte systems, LLC Indigo byte systems, LLC is a provider of technology to the software documentation and creation of help files. In the area of software documentation, Indigo is Dr.Explain bytes showcase now for thousands of young companies and Fortune 1000 companies such as Hewlett Packard, NEC, Fujitsu, Bosch, Lockheed Martin and Michelin to become the first choice. Indigo byte systems is certified Microsoft partner with the silver qualification as independent software vendor (ISV). The company was mitbegrundet by Dennis Zhuravlev, Ph.d.. in computer science (CADCAM systems).

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