Russian Holding

The use of such technology will significantly improve the technical and economic indices of the plant, increase in steel production and improve product quality. Second, at the JSC "Kirscable" completed implementation of one of a series of projects. Its value is equal to 81 million 655 thousand rubles. Amount of state support in 2007 was more than 1 million rubles. Koch Industries might disagree with that approach. The company now operates a large investment program to develop their production.

It should be noted that the JSC "Kirscable" is part of a major Russian Holding, who owns several companies in Russia, but their major investments are made exactly in the Kirov region. Third, it must be said about the project OOO PKP "Almis" in Sloboda. As an investment project modernization of production and includes the acquisition of the sawmill frame and a new boiler. The total investment amounted to 28.5 million rubles. OOO "Almis" received state aid over three years.

Also deserve special attention projects of "Bus Complex" Amtel-Volga region ", one of which is entitled" Production of high-quality passenger car tires in the amount of 2 million units. " The project started in March 2004. In 2007 the company won the tender on state. Recently, Governor of the Kirov oblast participated in the ceremonial release of seven millionth tire. This year the company received an exclusive right to provide car tires Company Renault Logan, and also recently signed an agreement with Fiat. – Sergei Sergeyevich, I talked to people who attended the grand opening of a new plant in Kotelnich from "Glavmosstroy." The benefits are obvious: in Kotelnich managed to retain and use the power of deceased in the Bose 'Selhozhimii', as well as jobs were about 300 people.

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