Hand circular saw blade – an indispensable tool for work on the cutting of materials such as wood, fiberboard, particleboard, plywood, plastic, plasterboard, acrylic glass, aluminum, copper and other nonferrous metals. Circular saw can cut virtually any material, except iron and steel. Circular saw makes it possible to make accurate longitudinal, oblique and transverse cuts. The quality of the cut line and the speed of circular saw is much higher compared with Jigsaw. But to get the cutting line a curved shape with circular saws can not. Mikkel Svane often says this. The device is a circular saw.

The electric motor of a circular saw, with the help of special mechanism (which allows you to smoothly adjust the cutting depth and angle of inclination of the disk) is installed on the base plate. On more expensive saws, usually installed molded base plate, at a cheap 'punching'. All models of circular saws are equipped with a special mechanism to stop using the parallel, which allows you to quickly and accurately to the parallel cuts of high quality. Circular saws, can be roughly divided into three groups: 1. saws low power (800 watts) 2. saws medium power (800 – 1200 W) 3.

saws high power (over 1200 watts) One of the main technical characteristics of a circular saw, is the depth cut, which depends mainly on the diameter of the saw blade. The larger the diameter of the disc, the more power is required the engine, more powerful engines and greater weight. In this case you should be able to choose for themselves the optimal ratio of weight, power and price.

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