Salgado Announces New Measures

Payment to account for large companies, will increase which will mean additional 2,500 million euros revenues. The rule will also remember spending with the autonomous communities. Decree-law that requires doctors to prescribe generics will save 2.4 billion in pharmaceutical expenditure. Asks the ECB to make his task and help the stability of the debt markets. The Government will approve measures to underpin the achievement of the objective of deficit, including payments to account for large enterprises increase this year and making more flexible the part-time contract this month of August, and expected to agree with the autonomous communities the spending rule ready in September. Has thus advanced it the economic Vice, Elena Salgado, has also outlined the intention of the Executive of increasing the transparency of public accounts of the autonomous communities, providing quarterly data from the third quarter of this year in terms of national accounting, and not only in terms budget how until now. The Government believes that with the measures envisaged will enter additional 2.5 billion this year, in addition to saving another 2,400 million in pharmaceutical expenditure.

Salgado, maintains multiple contacts before tensions in the debt markets, explained that to tackle them, most importantly in the EU is that there is a rapid implementation of the agreements adopted by the Eurogroup on July 21 and, meanwhile, that the European Central Bank to do his homework and helps the stability of debt markets. Meanwhile, defend that Spain will continue with the reforms that already has underway, and stresses that, in the Councils of Ministers of 19 and 26 August, measures shall be adopted to shore up compliance with the deficit target and help communities meet yours, and thus reduce spending. In the case of the General State administration, improvements in management will be agreed tax of societies. For the year 2011, that decision will consist of payments increased to account for large enterprises, which will allow that this same exercise has a few additional around 2,500 million euros revenue.

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