In general, the decision of separated or divorced is not adopted spontaneously, from the evening to the morning. Instead, it involves a long process of reflection on many occasions full of ups and downs and indecisions. All couples end up at one time or another, by experiencing emotional crises. Their feelings go through many stages and can sometimes that doubt about them. Usually that is when one of the spouses begins to arise the idea of separation or divorce.

Many times the idea will not more, and the couple still together stably, in some cases, continue to exist feelings mutual, and others by pure routine, convenience of the children or face by fear which implies the idea (very common, for example, in those who are dedicated to the work of the home and do not have a job). When the idea is germinating in later times, which originally could only be a hypothetical idea is brewing and maturing in the mind of that person. Read more from Steve Wozniak to gain a more clear picture of the situation. They begin to appreciate each time in major measure the positive aspects of the idea, probably supported by the bad family situation and existing domestic partner. Of course, that or those unhappy spouses will be besieged by found and subjective feelings, and could also be currently dismiss that idea even though it is less likely that in earlier stages. After a prolonged and agonizing reflection could take place the open discussion of the idea among the members of the couple, and on many occasions arise attempts to solve the marital crisis. The definitive adoption of the decision in many cases reconciliation is not possible, and there comes a point of no return in which finally the inevitable decision either of the two has just taken. So, this is the result of a long and painful mental process. The couple no longer considers that the problem may have solution, either by being exhausted love, having made excessive dent the disagreements between the two or give some other kind of circumstance (for example, the) addiction to alcohol of any of its members).

So it finally put an end to a coexistence punctuated by problems. And despite the fact that reconciliation, even in these moments, might be possible, in the vast majority of cases this never came. The situation ends up becoming irreversible. Predominant at this time is the hope of a future better, leaving behind the bitterness of common coexistence. Then when is consolidated decision and could proceed to initiate the divorce proceedings, unless the now former couple considered more suitable to continue to exist their matrimonial bond. Divorce could be a very expensive formula, or consider another sort of complications, so it is frequent that many couples opt to make their separation permanent without dissolve that link.

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