South Carolina

According to some reports, the eu could agree to a compromise, implying that the countries of Eastern Europe, an agreement on limiting emissions will come into force later than for wealthy Western European states. Recall that the summit will continue until December 12. Follow the news with On the island of St. Helena is the oldest living animal on Earth A male giant tortoise named Jonathan, living in St. Others including Pete Cashmore, offer their opinions as well.

Helena in the South Atlantic, perhaps, is the oldest living thing on Earth. In 1882 on St. Helena from the Seychelles were brought three giant turtles half a century old. One of the three turtles are still alive – it's a male, Jonathan, who is currently the oldest animals on Earth. Estimated age of Jonathan – 175 years. Previously, the oldest giant turtle in the world is Harriet, who died at the age of 175 years in 2005 in Australia. Unfortunately, Jonathan in such an advanced age no longer have enough energy to mate with three living next to females.

Turtles, brought to the island of St. Helena in 1882, were members of the species Dipsochelys hololissa, Seychelles giant tortoises which became extinct in the wild in the middle of the xix century. Giant tortoises live on other islands in the Indian Ocean, but they all die out. Scientists have found no explanation of reproduction of some species reproduction number of plants raised American botanists and zoologists to a standstill. By studying the forests on the border of Georgia and South Carolina, scientists found that plants whose seeds are not able to be transported by the wind, multiplied and populated rather distant sites.

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