It's good that mankind has invented cell phones. How many people saved the lives of mobile communications and reputation. But apart from the purely practical purpose, a cell phone yet and a great tool for entertainment. Departing somewhere on a trip, you can take with a paperback book and while away the time in a way, reading it, and you can all do the same thing on a mobile phone. Program Spytel v.2.0.2. to listen to talks mobile phones standard, GSM. Today wiretapping of mobile is not uncommon, but rather a necessity.

The program for wiretapping cell phone will help you gather information from the mobile phone of the person you want to monitor. C using Spytel will be available for discreet eavesdropping mobile, both incoming and outgoing calls. For details on the find on the website How the program is based on the so-called 'Metaphor echo conferences. " The program creates a profile SIM – card number, the negotiations which you want to listen to, and in the tracking mode 'replaces the' real data SIM – card phone connected to your computer data stored profile that allows listen for incoming and outgoing calls and SMS – message number. Ie within the network there is another user with the same data SIM – card, but its functions are limited to only being able to listen to communications sessions addressed to a real person. Therefore, an important limitation of the work is required to find SIM – card 'double' in the same area network as the real user. Spytel v.2.0.2 your choice.

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