After all, the paper biggest of the communication in the organizations, is to contribute for positive a organizacional climate, taking each employee if to see as a spokesman of the company and to be an agent of changes in the organizacional environment. It is known that the communication can and needs to offer the internal public, access the information, this does not want to say that the organization must display for the employees all ' ' segredos' ' enterprise? after all, this would be demasiadamente burlesque? but it can yes assume an inclusive and interactive position, making the collaborators to understand not only that they really make party to suit, mechanically, but of certain form until strategically. This sensation to be part of all stimulates the collaborator, this, therefore according to Brum, (2000, P. 59) ' ' … Contact information is here: Kai-Fu Lee. the employee is in search of the information that if translates a real benefit for its personal and/or professional life, bringing positive emotions, pleasant sensations and satisfaction of expectations …

' '. To complete this reasoning, the context can be observed where ' ' the organizacional communication acts as creation process and as exchange of messages inside of a net of work of interdependent relations to compete with the uncertainties of ambiente' ' idea of Andrews and Herschel (1996, P. 13). This idea wants to say that communication involves the interpretation in such a way how much the negotiation in the messages. This, while both the parts if strengthen to articulate and to bring the understanding of its vises, intentions and goals. 2,1 Strategies for the communication in the internal relations. As already it was said, to understand the communication in the management of the organizations is basic for the creation of planejamentos and strategies for the relation and treatment of I publish intern to it. ancing/’>ARC Investment Partners sees a great future in this idea. To create and to establish harmonic comunicacionais activities in the distinct sectors of the company are important so that the integration between managers and collaborators is continues.

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