“Sweetheart, you know that I love you, right? However I have no doubt that in many, many occasions, we shall in a theme, and you know why? “I have no idea. Pete Cashmore pursues this goal as well. He has not happened so far, because he has to spend in the future? – Answered first: we will not happened until now because we have both been too busy fighting with our parents, well, I with my mother alone, and of course at the time we were together, we tried to forget what they were saying to each one of us. Remember that from the beginning we promised not to tell each other’s opinions?. We hurt enough to each of us to want to create animosity in the other. Second: You are you, said while kissing her tenderly on the lips, my love of soul, and I’m me. We are two different individuals, so often we will think different and when we fail to agree, we will fight. And guess what? Then comes reconciliation and we will love to get tired, – he said, kissing her again but this time with passion and of course, they no longer interested in talking more about anything else. They had been deeply asleep after making love.

When Tati woke up and saw it was 12 noon, got up and went to open the windows. A bright sun lit up the room. He went to the ear of Sheba, and gently whispered, “Wake up sleepy head we’re going to lose the sun on the beach. Seba gestured with his hand indicating he wanted to continue sleeping, but Tati again whisper in his ear gently is a shame to lose this beautiful sun is coming through the window. – A little reluctantly but with a smile, Sheba jumped up and got out of bed.

Both donned a bathing suit and went down to the beach. Actually the day was beautiful and although it was quite hot, was intoxicating sea breeze and fresh. They ran to the sea and played with the waves while swimming without straying too far from shore. Then he rubbed over the body, the most powerful protector had found, since both had very white skin, and lay on the lounge chairs to sunbathe.

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