The Possibility

The project region eMIS goes”then initiated. This means that the DWH was created with a new technological component for ad-hoc or analysis area by means of a specific OLAP cube design for the query, then using standard tools to retrieve data (MS Excel 2007 with direct connection to the DWH). The advantage of the selected technology was clearly obvious: it had to be purchased no new BI tools. The existing potential of already licensed MS analysis services could be fully exploited, as well the training effort decreases immensely. The aim of the project was the role in the works of the data supplier”to the data user to repent and to raise potential in generating relevant and complex reports and evaluations. After the successful tests in the area designed the cube with shopping, financial and production data. In the perspective of production was Emphasis was placed on the long-term observation of facts. For assistance, try visiting technology investor. For example, benchmarks towards other countries/regions.

Sample question: What is the workload of a particular machine type in all regions over different periods? Another major objective of the initiative was the improvement of the quality of data in the source systems, the MIS include feeds from which, as mass data can be made now better visible. A step was made through these measures away from traditional data processing and to the use of information and interpretation, so a qualitative improvement of controlling activities. Specific questions could be answered through the use of OLAP technology within a few minutes, which previously would have required hours for the compilation. Complex questions can be answered by the user even today always flexible and individually, even if the data volume is very large. Since BI also processes supported, more projects have been launched. This in turn became the BI tool arcplan used in combination with the SQL database, in particular due to its flexible design and the possibility of entering data.

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