The Professor

In case that they are not you deliver lists, it looks for in the recommended bibliography, and has asked for opinion of the professor on the exercises to be done. It argues the solutions found with the professor or with other colleagues therefore, many times, them they can be incorrectas. In the specific case of the learning of computer programming, the computer must be enclosed as material indispensable of study. It organizes the time of form study to foresee the use of the computer. It makes an analogy with the learning in a driving school, that never will be efficient if the student not ' ' to study to volante' '. c) ASSISTANCE To the LESSON? To attend the lesson does not want to only say to be of present body in room. In the university if it inside passes a significant part of the day of a classroom.

It must be learned to use to advantage this time, giving attention and taking off doubts. It does not leave doubts, that appear during a lesson, to be decided later. Questions generally help the course of the lesson, assist the professor and many times a doubt that if has will be common to other colleagues. It has in mind that the good course of one disciplines it is co-responsibility of the professor and pupils. To follow the lessons implies to have in day the subject of the previous lessons. It looks for to discipline itself in this direction, therefore it will be difficult to recoup a not understood lesson. d) NOTATIONS IN LESSON? It learns to take notes of lessons. It is not enough to write down what the professor writes in the picture, also writes down excellent points of what the professor says. It is advisable to leave sufficient free space in its notes stops later placing its proper comments and doubts.

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