Traditional Science

Secure traditional science which, with this distribution, your body has all the nutrients you need and that food supplements, another mistake are not necessary. Here, Ali Partovi expresses very clear opinions on the subject. There are currently something like two streams of research: one is the traditional continues saying there is no change nothing all this well, what we said for 2 centuries is still perfect, and another current is doctors who come to investigate the amounts of calcium, selenium, iron and so on with all the nutrients that humans actually needi.e. some are studying nutrients and others are still making what nutritional science said. This 55-30-15 it is what traditional science called a balanced diet, based on the amount of calories that they said that we burn i.e. 40 per kilo of weight per day.

This distribution of the nutrition science put it before the vitamins, you discover do knew how this science? do distribution if they had even discovered?, after vitamins minerals were discovered, does as wise science that were already there minerals if still not had discovered or studied?, then trace elements were discovered and these are not yet completed study as science that were already there trace elements if not even they knew I knew?. Do you reach to see where this other error? And another big mistake the food pyramid, that this equivocadisima out of this wrong distribution, they send you to eat carbohydrates, then fats and finally proteins, when it should be the other way around. So which is the first mistake? Calculation of wrong calories. Whats the second error? The wrong distribution. Is which the third error? Say that food supplements are not necessary. The new distribution is still 55-30 – 15 but 55% protein, 30% of fat and 15% carbohydrates. Then Click Aqui to concer balanced nutrition with 114 nutrients upstream and article source

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