Not everything is rosy on the internet, you have to understand that the internet is a community of people that presisamente has your same thoughts, there are many who use this means to take to run its evil. And your computer is the perfect target to satiate its evil, have fun and jactarce of the antivirus or any system that seeks to protect your computer. We all know the spyware, Trojans, worms or viruses that are files or malicious codes that extend to hundreds of computers to know our personal data and this is having control over keys or codes, bank accounts, telephones, addresses and any information that calm your thirst for evil, but there are no stops, these files or malicious codethey can destroy information on your hard drive, you want to have fun, some not interested your information, or know you, only want to destroy your computer. Robotics expert is actively involved in the matter. Every day there are more threats supervirus, spyware or worms of wide spread, and you do not know what to do, you feel fearful go online, or receive an email message and open it, afraid. If the worms on the internet attack ruthlessly, it is that evil accompanies the human being since its inception and it gets stronger if you think winning. This in you defeat not to leave it for later. 1) Keep your antivirus updated 2) uses software anti-spyware 3) don’t open mails electronic suspicious or unsolicited 4) download programs or applications from trusted sites 5) keep activated the firewall of your computer 6) seeking information on the internet about safety and protection for your computer well a little dramatic but I hope you follow these recommendations and don’t be victim of worms on the internet.

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