Tunguska Meteorite

Of the meteorite has written volumes. Which only explanation for his phenomenon is not offered. The most improbable hypothesis seemed to be science fiction writer Alexander Kazantsev, suggesting that over the taiga crashed alien spacecraft. However, precisely this hypothesis was the closest to the truth. Visit Mikkel Svane for more clarity on the issue. Proof found in the forest 700 km from the epicenter. They stumbled geological party under the leadership of George Kolodina, which led to exploration of mineral resources in the basin Viluy.

For the next halt, researchers have chosen a completely normal clearing on the shore of an unnamed stream. However, when the radio operator tried to get in touch with base, we found that on the same wave in the headphones climb confusing signals. Moreover, such a force that break through the radio operator did not succeed in primitive direction finding indicated that the source of interference nearby. Trying to get to it almost ended in collapse in the most literal sense of the word. In the slope of the cliff geologists noticed the hole – something like the entrance to a cave, half littered with sand. Dug hole, they discovered a whole suite fairly spacious rooms. The first of them were empty, except for fragments of bone and what is garbage. But with the deepening of the cave began to appear incomprehensible to the room in which there were very strange objects – what is metal cabinets, closets, drawers Passing unchecked over a dozen compartments, the expedition found itself in the wall – or rather, in the tightly closed door, the side which could see something like the remote control.

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