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Using an 0800 number is also a great way to build credibility and eliminate a huge barrier in sales. Pick up the tab for calls from potential clients is a polite gesture and encourages potential buyer to call. Free phone numbers are readily available these days and can cost about 6 cents dollar per minute – a small price to pay to build the confidence of its customers. Payment Barriers Many Web sites provide only a way to pay for goods – credit card. There are many reasons to offer more payment methods. On the one hand, not everyone has a credit card. Although the United States, it seems that almost everyone has, it is not true in other markets where there is resistance to credit.

Also, some people just do not feel secure as to provide information about credit card through the web. Internet transactions, regardless of how safe or unsafe may or may not be, the fact is that the work of a business owner is to provide what the consumer wants. It is a simple matter to provide an address and a printable order form in which a check can be mailed. If you are running a home business, a post office box is a simple solution to keep your business separate from your home. Some mail services allow your address is a private number instead of a box number, which can further enhance your business image. Provide a phone number by which orders can be placed is also a way to remove a barrier between you and your potential customers.

Of course, this means that there must be someone there to answer the phone. Just answer the phone can be the difference between a sale and a lost sale. Delivery Methods For companies providing products, offering a variety of delivery methods is another way to meet the wishes of their customers and potential customers. Many people have a preference for the delivery and the implementation of this preference could be a determining factor in deciding whether or not to place an order. For service companies, providing a collection and delivery service and a deposit and / or contract can be one more sale. Conclusion By removing the barriers between you and your potential customers can increase their chances of making sales. Other options are also available to support instant messaging, videoconferencing and more. Be careful not to confuse the public with too many options. It is often a good idea to direct your audience to the default options for contact, payment and delivery so as not to confuse people. Other options can be displayed as links small drop of options. By working to be more connected with his audience, sales and customer satisfaction will increase dramatically.

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