Welding Electrodes

Purpose of the electrode, the electrode it is an important link in the technology of electric arc welding it is intended to supply electric current to the subject of welding. Today there are many types and brands welding electrodes, each with its own narrow specialization. The electrodes must meet the following conditions: constant supply of arc burning, the formation of high-quality weld metal in the weld should have a definite chemical composition rod electrode and the coating melt evenly welding with high efficiency at the lowest spraying metal electrode obtained welding slag is separated easily, saving technological and physico-chemical characteristics during a certain period (for storage) Low toxicity in the production and during welding operations. As electrodes are arranged for their manufacture using conductive electric current welding wire or rods of metal, the chemical composition of which determines the quality of the electrodes. The electrodes may consist of only metal rod (wire) welding electrodes are called uncovered. If the rod electrode is covered by a particular composition intended for improving the quality of welding electrodes are called covered.

Coating is applied in several types: acidic, basic, rutile, cellulosic and blended. According to the purpose coating is divided into two types: defensive (tolstopokrytye electrodes) and ionizing (tonkopokrytye electrodes). To better understand the differences between these types of coatings, it should be noted that the quality of welding electrodes coated with an ionizing inferior welding electrodes with a protective coating, the first type of coverage does not able to protect the weld from oxidation and nitration.

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